biomass burner
Haiqi machinery R & D center was established in 2001, is organized under the leadership of Mr. Su Zhenjiang. At present, R & D team is more than 20 people, including 5 senior engineer, R & D backbone of 10 people , Dr. five people, divided into biomass burner project development group, biomass gasification system project development group, drum dryer project development group. R & D team is responsible for large-scale biomass burning projects, large boiler technology projects, large-scale biomass cogeneration, biomass gasification power generation projects, improve product appearance. At present, the biomass burner of our company has been updated 19 generations of products, exported to more than 100 countries.

What's so green about wood pellets, anyway?
Burning 1 ton of wood pellet heating fuel:
Replaces 120 gallons of heating oil… or 170 gallons of propane… or 16,000 ft3 of natural gas… or 4,775 kWh of electricity. 
Eliminates 1,500 pounds of carbon emissions compared to heating oil.
Mitigates greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollutants such as CO2, sulfur dioxide, and mercury. 
Emits 50x less particulates from a high efficiency pellet stove than non-EPA certified wood stoves, and two to five times less than even newer, EPA-certified wood stoves. 
Clean Combustion:
Burning wood pellets in a high efficiency stove is cleaner than organic decomposition in a forest.
This means that wood pellets are considered carbon neutral. In addition, pellet stoves, inserts, and central heating systems must have at least an 80% efficiency rating – and in fact, most appliances are 85-93% efficient.

  • Wood pellet burner work with industry furnace
  • Biomass sawdust burner work with coal steam boiler
  • La biomasa de serrín trabajo quemador con caldera de gas
  • Biomass sawdust burner work with gas steam boiler
  • Sawdust burner work with aluminum melting furnace
  • Rice husk powder burner work with coal boiler
  • Biomass wood powder burner work with biomass boiler
  • Pulverized coal powder burner work with Industry furnace
  • Biomass sawdust burner supply heating to coal boiler
  • Rice husk burner supply heating to gas steam boiler
  • Coffee husk burner supply heating to bunker oil boiler
  • Nutshell pellet burner, palm shell pellet burner for coal boiler
  • Biomass wood pellet burner supply heating to steam boiler
  • Biomass wood pellet burner supply heating to biomass boiler
  • Industry Wood powder burner supply heating to steam boiler
  • Palm shell pellet burner work with aluminum melting furnace
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