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Biomass Wood Pellet Burner
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Environmental and Cost Advantage:
Wood pellet, bagasse pellet, palm shell are cheap and recyclable, what is the most important is environmental-friendly, not like the coal producing large amounts of waste and dust, which pollutes the environment seriously.
Ash<1-1.5%, flue gas emission<50mg/m3

Technical advantage:
The combustion furnace use first level high aluminum fire brick, imported thermal insulation castable, anti-scouring and high temperature resistance.
Outside of the furnace, it use waste cooling system to protect the furnace life and operation more stable.

1. This equipment can use wide raw material, wood pellet, bamboo pellet, rice husk pellet, 6-8 mm can be directly burning. Palm shell crush to 6-8 mm, then it can be used directly.

2. Operating is simple, easy to use. This product use Taida PLC control panel automatically, small fire-medium fire-big fire. According to customer’s requirements, there are elements of domestic and imported components to choose. Products can be replace parts free due to quality problems within a year.

3. Three-layer liner insulation, Super high temperature high-alumina refractory furnace chosen anti-erosion. The external use of water jacket cooling, Long life and more stable operation.

4. By vacuum pyrolysis and gasification, secondary combustion, exhaust gas treatment systems, smoke completely prevent secondary pollution, reaching the highest European emission standards

5. working principle of biomass burner, Low carbon combustion technology and many times with the wind increasing oxygen, high temperature pyrolysis. Half gasification combustion suspension. Good vortex effect, Residence time of burning up more than two seconds, sufficient combustion.

6. high conversion efficiency,Thermal efficiency is generally up to 80-85%, Stable continuous operation, Easy operation and maintenance.

7. Good sealing measures and negative pressure of furnace, Ensure that there are no gas leaks.

Suitable material: 6-8 mm   biomass pellet burner 
Material features: easy to store, easy to transport   moisture≤8-12%
 Calorific value of Haiqi wood pellet burner: 300000Kcal-12000000Kcal, 350KW-14000KW
For steam boiler, it can generate steam from 0.5ton/h to 20ton/h
Raw materials: wood pellet, bagasse pellet, palm shell pellet etc.
Moisture: ≤ 15%
Size: 6-12mm

Technical parameters of wood pellet burner:
Model Feeder power (kw) Feeding motor power(kw) Fan power (kw) Equipment Size (L ×W ×H)mm Wood pellet consumption (kg/h) Coal consumption (kg/h) Diesel Consumption (kg/h) Heavy oil Consumption (kg/h) Gas consumption (Nm³h) Calorific Value (kcal/h)
HQ-LK0.35T 0.75 0.75 0.75 1700×750×1400 44 40 20 21 24 200000
HQ-LK0.5T 1.1 0.75 1.5 1800×900×1500 70 65 30 31 38 300000
HQ-LK1.0T 1.1 1.1 2.2 2400×2200×1550 155 140 60 63 75 600000
HQ-LK1.5T 1.5 1.5 2.2 2400×2400×1800 230 210 90 94 113 900000
HQ-LK2.0T 2.2 1.5 4 2400×2400×2000 310 280 120 125 150 1200000
HQ-LK3.0T 2.2 1.5 5.5 2600×2500×2200 460 415 180 188 225 1800000
HQ-LK4.0T 3 3 7.5 2600×2600×2350 600 540 240 250 300 2400000
HQ-LK6.0T 3 4 11 2800×2600×2400 1000 900 360 375 450 3600000
HQ-LK8.0T 4 4 11 3000×2600×2600 1200 1100 480 500 600 4800000
HQ-LK10.0T 4 5.5 15 3200×2800×2800 1500 1350 600 625 750 6000000
 Biomss wood pellet burner is widely used to connect with steam boiler, hot water boiler, thermal oil boiler, gas boiler, heavy oil boiler, coal boiler, biomass boiler, aluminum melting furnace, incinerator, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, ironing equipment, asphalt mixing plant, greenhouse, hot air stove, cement kiln, rotary kiln, the baking lacquer equipment, road construction machinery ......

  • Palm shell pellet burner connect with hot air furnace
  • Wood pellet burner connect with Aluminum melting furnace
As the world works to replace fossil fuels, wood pellets are playing a key role in decarbonizing power grids.
Biomass wood pellet burner economic benefit analysis table( take 4ton steam boiler as an example, operating 10hours per day)
Raw material Boiler capacity (T/H) Unit price of raw material (USD/kg) Consumption of raw material Labor cost (USD/M) Total cost (USD/M)
Diesel 4 0.94 240(KG/H) 2Person*23.11*30=1386.6 0.94*240*(10*30)+1386.6=69066.6
Natural gas 4 0.46 258(M3/H) 2Person*23.11*30=1386.6 0.46*258*(10*30)+1386.6=36990.6
Heavy oil 4 0.62 250(KG/H) 2Person*23.11*30=1386.6 0.62*250*(10*30)+1386.6=47886.6
Wood pellet 4 0.12 600(KG/H) 2Person*23.11*30=1386.6 0.12*600*(10*30)+1386.6=22986.6

The net profit after changing into biomass wood pellet burner
Boiler equipment The net profit of every month after transformation (USD/M) Net profit of annual after transformation (USD/YEAR)
Fuel diesel boiler 69066.6USD/M-22986.6USD/M=46080USD/M 46080*12=552960
Fuel gas boiler 36990.6USD/M-22986.6USD/M=14004USD/M 14004*12=168048
Fuel heavy oil boiler 47886.6USD/M-22986.6USD/M=24900USD/M 24900*12=298800
Remark: the above calculation is done according to normal 4ton/h steam boiler. The fuel cost is calculated according to local fuel cost.
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