Biomass & MSW gasification system
MSW Gasification Power Plant System
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The production of pyrolysis gas called gasification, and the raw material includes PP(Woven bag, microwave tableware, POTS), PE(Bottle, bucket, kettle, plastic food bag), PC(Plastic cups, cutlery, sports equipment), PS(Disposable plastic tableware, comb, box, ball-point pen rod, children's toys, plastic shopping bags), PET(Medicine bottle, cosmetics bottle, cap and plastic bottles), HPDE(All kinds of recycled plastic)

The combustible gases from the gasifier can be used in internal combustion engines for electricity.
In order for the gas to be used for electricity, it should be cleaned of tar and dust and be cooled.
MSW gasification power plant system include: gasifier furnace, oil-water separator, cleaning system, control panel, gas bag, combustible gas filter, genset control panel, internal combustion engine and generator.
Gasifier furnace is open material feeding, anaerobic and negative pressure operation, automatic PLC touch screen control system, tube type oil-water separator, multilevel cleaning system, safety and reliable, easy to operate.
1. The equipment  uses down draft  fixed bed type, continuous gas production stable, low tar content, sustainable power generation

2. Simple operation and easy to use, The product adopt Siemens PLC touch screen enables automatic control, automatic and semi-automatic control. Independent of the operating room, can be directly controlled through the LCD touch screen, adjust the parameters. The generator can operate independently

3. Because garbage gasification and pyrolysis process to take at different stages of precise control, and it could reach the flue gas standards.

4. AS garbage gasification and pyrolysis process to take at different stages of precise control, and it could reach the standards for smoke

5. At low-temperature oxidation process at high temperatures of the combustion chamber (burner), without secondary pollution harmful gases

6. Due to the complete combustion process, residual ash is completely non-polluting substances

7. More than 90% organic matter removal, it greatly reduces the cost of follow-up treatment.

8. Various components of different waste can be stable incineration at the same time

9. safety Combustion ,Inhibit the production of dioxins and other harmful substances.

10. Waste sorting required, once invested, improve operational efficiency, ensure the safety of the work environment.

Hai Qi  pyrolysis gasifier advantage:
● Pyrolysis gasifier using an insufficient amount of air (anaerobic) convert the waste pyrolysis of organic matter into a combustible gas,convert the incomplete combustion  is converted to complete gas combustion process,make that emissions of solid particles to a minimum

● Hai Qi gasification system closed type, site clean, beautiful, safe for the operator; automatic control technology, simple operation. All feed, slag door, access doors are made of soft seal to prevent gas leakage, furnace sealed to ensure that the effect of oxygen controlled pyrolysis. pyrolysis furnace top has a hydraulic distributor,

● When  pyrolysis gas spontaneous combustion, Enter the spontaneous combustion process, the whole process of spontaneous combustion of more than 90%, significantly lower operating costs. Reached the resource utilization of garbage heat, not only harmless smoke emissions, reduce total CO2 emissions.
Model HQ-100 HQ-200 HQ-300 HQ-400 HQ-500 HQ-600 HQ-800 HQ-1000 HQ-1200
Rated Power 100 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000 1200
Rated Frquencey 50/60 HZ
Rated Voltage(V) 220/400/440/6300/6600/11000/13800
Mode of Gasifier HQ-100 HQ-200 HQ-300 HQ-400 HQ-500 HQ-600 HQ-800 HQ-1000 HQ-1200
Gasifier Type Draft Down Fixed Bed Gasifier
Biomass Moisture Requirement ≤20%(Wet Basis)
Biomass Size Requirement 10mm-60mm
Biomass Consumption (Kg/Hr) 120-150 240-300 360-450 480-600 600-750 720-900 960-1200 1200-1500 1440-1800
Gas Production (Nm3/h) 250-300 500-600 750-900 1000-1200 1250-1500 1500-1800 2000-2400 2500-3000 3000-3600
Ash Discharge Type Wet Type or Dry Type
Type of Gas Purification Wet Type or Dry Type Gas purification System
Heat Value of Gas > 1,100-1300Kcal/Nm3
Gas Composition CO -19±3% H2 -18±2% CO2 - 8±3% CH4 -6±2% N2 -50%
Model of Genset 100GFT 250GFM 300GFM 400GFM 500GFM 600GFM 400GFM 500GFM 600GFM
Qty of Genset 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 1Set 1 Set 2 Sets 2 Sets 2 Sets

500KW plastic waste gasification power plant in Thailand

Haiqi power plant capacity:
(50KW-2MW) MSW Gasification power plant, (50KW-2MW) city waste Gasification power plant, (50KW-2MW) Garbage Gasification power plant, (50KW-2MW) Biomass Gasification power plant
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