Biomass & MSW Gasifier Furnace
Biomass & MSW Gasifier Furnace
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  • gasifier furnace connect with drying system
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The production of pyrolysis gas called gasification, and the raw material includes PP (Woven bag, microwave tableware, POTS), PE (Bottle, bucket, kettle, plastic food bag), PC(Plastic cups, cutlery, sports equipment), PS(Disposable plastic tableware, comb, box, ball-point pen rod, children's toys, plastic shopping bags), PET (Medicine bottle, cosmetics bottle, cap and plastic bottles), HPDE(All kinds of recycled plastic)

Groundnut-shell, Sugarcane residue, Sawdust, Coffee Husk, Paddy Straw, Sunflower Stalk, Cotton Stalks, Tobacco waste, Mustard Stalk, Jute waste, Bamboo Dust, Tea waste, Wheat Straw, Palm husk, Soybeans husk, Rice Husks, olive pomace, bagasse, coconut shell, Forestry wastes, Waste paper, Cardboard, Wood Chips and other Agro wastes.

Technical advantage:
Haiqi gasification system adopt the fixed-bed system, which is simple structure, convenient operation. It's easy to continuity combustion, and continuity ash discharge, return to mix small, the fluid can be effective contact with catalyst. When the response with side effects can be higher selective; the tar through the high temperature pyrolysis, the content is less. And adopt the fixed bed form, more security and stability, catalyst for machine is small loss...

Gasification means MSW or biomass material like straw, sawdust, rice husk and so on, by squeezing or simple crushing & drying, delivered into gasifier furnace for anaerobic pyrolysis gasification. With the help of parts air, the high biomass polymer will have pyrolysis, oxidation, reduction, reforming reaction and the accompanying tar will be further pyrolysis or catalytic cracking into small hydrocarbon, including Carbon monoxide(CO), Hydrogen(H2), and Methane(CH4). After purification, we can get produced gas.

Working principle of Haiqi biomass gasifier furnace:
Dryer layer: on the top of gasifier is the dryer layer and fuel will be delivered to this area from upside. The moisture inside fuel will evaporate by heat exchange with hot air coming from the below three reaction area and temperature of this layer is 200-300°C. Output is the dried material and vapor.
Vapor will go outside together with the waste heat from below reaction layers. The dried material will go down to pyrolysis layer.

Pyrolysis layer: the dried material go down to pyrolysis layer and heat the biomass material for pyrolysis reaction. Most of volatile component will be separated from solid and charcoal left behind when the temperature is 500-600°C
Output of pyrolysis layer is carbon, H2, vapor, CO, CO2, CH4, tar and other material.

Oxidation layer: the remaining charcoal will make strong reaction with air and release lots of heat. At the same time, the incomplete combustion will produce CO and heat, owing to anaerobic combustion and insufficiency O2.
In Oxidation layer, the temperature can reach 1000°C, and the reaction equation: C+O2=CO2+∆H, ∆H=408.8KJ
It is combustion reaction in Oxidation area and release heat energy, that supply energy to reduction area for reduction reaction, material pyrolysis and drying. The hot air (CO & CO2) from Oxidation area will enter into reduction area, and ash will drop into the bottom room.

Reduction layer: there is no O2 in reduction area and the CO2 from Oxidation area will have reduction reaction with charcoal and vapor to produce CO and H2. The temperature will drop down to 600-800°C, owing to it is endothermic reaction. The main output of reduction layer is CO, CO2 and H2.

Gasification always come with material drying and pyrolysis. In actual operation, there is no clear border during the described four area, that is interpenetrating and interlocking, so the main gas output is CO, CO2, H2, CH4, tar, small amount alkanes, vapor and little dust.
Parameters of MSW&biomass gasifier Furnace:

Model HQ-180 HQ-360 HQ-540 HQ-720 HQ-1000 HQ-1200 HQ-1800 HQ-2000 HQ-2400
Gasifier type Downdraft Fixed bed gasifier
Dust collecting type Dry type and wet type
Cooling type water circulating cooling system
Ash discharge type Hydraulic/manual
Gasify efficiency 75-80%
Gas production(Nm3/h) 180 360 540 720 1000 1200 1800 2000 2400
material Biomass/City waste(including industry waste)
Material size(mm) 30-100mm
0Material moisture(%) ≤18%
Main parts of system Belt conveyor, Gasifier furnace, blender, hydraulic ash discharge system,
airlock, dry type cyclone, water-bath dust collector,water-cooled air fan,
cyclone for tar and water, air fan, gas burner, ID fan, cooling tower
Total power(KW) 9.25 12.6 15.7 20 24 28.5 30 35.5 47

Raw materials requirement: moisture ≤ 15%, size: ≤ 10cm
Haiqi Biomass & MSW gasifier furnace is mainly used to connect with steam boiler, hot water boiler, industry furnace, combustion furnace, melting furnace, kitchen equipments, drying equipment, food drying system, ironing equipment, spray line equipments, asphalt heating equipment......

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