Haiqi Machinery Cooperation Way
  • Customers can sign purchasing contract with factory(Haiqi Machinery) directly, and order products directly. Our company will supply technology support, and after-sales services. Our company will help customers make a survey of the boiler and the condition needed of technical (only in china).
    1). The parties signed the contract, the buyer makes the down payment, our company will provide technology solution and installation drawing free.
    2). Boiler technical transformation requires professional installation team of construction, our engineer will give technical guidance, and help customer do biomass burner connect with boiler, and meet the requirement of clients.

  • Customers do not trust, we can use EMC, the benefit we get will share with customers 10-15%, our company will invest all equipment, our company will undertake all venture investment.
    Benefit sharing cooperation agreement of EMC, venture investment management.
    1). End user, supply the equipment to user free, and sign 10 years contract, the user can save cost(reach the required pressure and steam capacity) 10-15%( only for fuel oi and fuel gas boiler) compare with the original energy consumption. The worker’s salary of boiler, water and electricity cost, and raw material cost will be paid by our company. Every month the user must close an account with Haiqi after sell steam. (for domestic)
    2) The end user of abroad will use same cooperation way as above. Our company supply the equipment free, our company will provide technological transformation solution, the user is responsibility of construction. After signing the contract, the the user needs to pay 50% cash deposit of the equipment, after we get the cash deposit, we will start to design the technology innovation plan, and installation drawing. The main propose of the cash deposit is the guarantee of the project, after the project success, we will give back the cash deposit to you from the cost of selling steam. the end user supplies the raw material, we will pay the cost.

  • For brokers and suppliers of raw materials, our company adopted the following cooperation way:
    1). To establish joint venture (bilateral shares) and shares each sides benefit, our company provides technical support of boiler technological transformation. the partners responsible for the supply of raw materials and market development. Once cooperatio, our company will implementation of market protection and be committed to not do the local market, the partners will be responsible for all sales. All equipments will be supplied to the local directly according to cost price, freight and all transformation fee will be paid by partners, benefits sharing will execute according to the cooperation agreement.
    2). The partners open the market in local and supply the raw material, our company will provide technical support and equipments freely to the end user(detailed please check 2,2)), there is no marketing protection, our company only buy raw material from partners in local. About the detailed cooperation terms, please check contract.

  • Haiqi mechinery EMC(Energy Management Conservatian) is a new market-oriented energy-saving mechanism. EMC is a kind of business operation pattern that Haiqi New energy company sign contract of energy-saving services with customers, providing customers include: energy audits, project design, project financing, equipment procurement, construction, equipment installation and commissioning, personnel training, confirm and guarantee of energy saving, a set of energy-saving services, and return on investment and get benefits from the obtained energy saving benefits after the clients do the energy saving solution. In the contract period, EMC share energy saving benefits with clients; after Haiqi new energy company return on investment and obtain resonable benefits, the contract ends, all energy-saving benefits and energy-saving equipment owned by the customer.

  • Haiqi Machinery EMC process
  • Haiqi machinery EMC management connotation
The advantage of Haiqi Machinery BOOT mode heating supply:
Haiqi New Energy company launch BOOT services( build—own—operate—transfer), namely: build-own-operate-transfer. Customer signs heating supply project franchise rights with Haiqi Machinery, project facilities built by Haiqi, the ownership of the project owned by Haiqi. Haiqi is responsible for the operation after a certain period, when the franchise rights expires, handing over the project to the customer according to the contract.

Advantage of BOOT mode heating supply:
1). Project invest and built by Haiqi, the customer does not need to invest, and do not need to understand any investment risk.
2). Project operate by Haiqi, Haiqi is responsibility of safety responsibility, the customer does not have safety responsibility( the boiler belongs to highly dangerous equipment);
3). Using same energy, through Haiqi specialized scientific design and construction and professional team management operation, the waste emission reduce more than 50%, it plays an important role to protect the environment.
4). Using same energy, through Haiqi specialized scientific design and construction and professional team management operation, heating production cost decrease 10-15%, energy saving reach 10%-15%.
5). Manage and operate by Haiqi professional team, production stable, low equipment failure rate, less security risks.

Advantage of Haiqi New Energy EMC
Help customers save cash flow
Save energy and money and guaranteed
Customers zero investment and without risks
Advanced technology, thermal energy more stable
User free from worry
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